An insight into the core of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The following collection of articles, data, presentations and maps presents a critical account of and alternative solutions to issues on Israel's national agenda: refugees, Jerusalem, settlements, borders, security, the Separation Barrier, the disengagement and convergence, the roadmap, Geneva initiative, PLO and Hamas, the Arab world, the international community etc.

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Dr. Shaul Arieli, born in Ashkelon (1959), is considered to be an ‘encyclopedia’ of the Israeli-Palestinian political process, and is one of Israel’s leading experts on the demarcation of the future Israeli-Palestinian border and the route of the Separation Barrier. As part of his military service he was responsible for the preparation of the official negotiations with the Palestinians, as head of the Interim Agreement Administration under the Rabin government, and head of the Peace Administration in the Barak Government. Since retiring from the IDF in 2001, Arieli has dedicated himself to advancing an Israeli-Palestinian permanent status agreement, and was amongst the leading negotiators in the process that brought about the Geneva Initiative in December 2003.More info»



The Civil Administration’s report on the demographic issue, which was presented this week to the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, burst the imagined bubble that has been constructed by opponents of the two-state solution.

("Matzavblog", 3/28/17)

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 The Israeli Settlement Movement Is Failing

Earlier this week, settlement movement leader Yaakov Katz, in comments to the Associated Press boasting about the growth of the settler population in the West Bank, illustrated well the old saying, “in God we trust; and all others must bring data.”


The public must protect its gatekeepers
Power struggles between politicians and the professional ranks, along with fruitful cooperation, are not foreign to any governmental system. 
"Haaretz" 1/20/18
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