An insight into the core of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The following collection of articles, data, presentations and maps presents a critical account of and alternative solutions to issues on Israel's national agenda: refugees, Jerusalem, settlements, borders, security, the Separation Barrier, the disengagement and convergence, the roadmap, Geneva initiative, PLO and Hamas, the Arab world, the international community etc.

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Welcome to Shaul Arieli's website

DR' Shaul Arieli, born in Ashkelon (1959), is considered to be an ‘encyclopedia’ of the Israeli-Palestinian political process, and is one of Israel’s leading experts on the demarcation of the future Israeli-Palestinian border and the route of the Separation Barrier. As part of his military service he was responsible for the preparation of the official negotiations with the Palestinians, as head of the Interim Agreement Administration under the Rabin government, and head of the Peace Administration in the Barak Government. Since retiring from the IDF in 2001, Arieli has dedicated himself to advancing an Israeli-Palestinian permanent status agreement, and was amongst the leading negotiators in the process that brought about the Geneva Initiative in December 2003.More info»

Those Undermining the Jewish State
Proponents of religious-messianic nationalism, key partners in the Israeli government, are making a dangerous mistake by trying to base Israel’s claim to all of Mandatory Palestine on a divine promise made in the Bible

(Haaretz -25/8/16)


A.B. Yehoshua, You're Deluded: The Two-state Solution to

the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Remains Viable

(Haaretz Dec 31, 2016)


The writing is on the wall yet again. Flashing in red neon lights and doubled in determination, by those whose finger is pressing on an imaginary trigger. And although they do not gaze directly but only mumble – “We did not mean it,” “These are only weeds” – their words are like three deadly bullets. 

"Haaretz"- 12/06/15
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Look at the Figures: Israel's Settlement Enterprise Has Failed
    Supporters of Greater Israel tout the settlements' high rate of population growth, but the details paint a very different picture. 

("Haaretz" ,6/27/16)

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