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2 Responses

  1. Dear Dr Arieli,

    I’ve only just found your site, coming to it from the Truman Atlas, which is a very useful source generously provided free to all. Many thanks and commendations for all that.

    Browsing this site I’ve just read your reply to Gabi Taub, which is a real tour de force and very instructive. However I have one small gripe. Under the section ‘Only the Jews brought progress’ you mention developments by the Ottomans, the British, and latterl, by Jews but, sadly, as is so often the case, the Palestinians get left out of the story. True, you do mention the citrus crops industry and its export expansion which followed the opening of the Suez Canal. But that is faint praise indeed, and unattributed at that. That same citrus industry was an outstanding Arab initiative which developed a new product and exported it widely throughout the world. At the same time, in the 19th century, Nablus soap production underwent a major expansion. There was also large production of sugar, barley and cotton for trade.

    Credit where credit is due, please. Palestinian Arabs were industrious and successful given the opportunity. As such I can only give your brilliant, but flawed article 8 out of 10, because really, I think you could have done better.

    Warm regards,

    Richard L

    1. You are undoubtedly right. I will add this in my lectures. There are other things such as the export of textiles from Majdal as well as the export of shallots from there. Thank you

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