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2 Responses

  1. Thank you so much for your excellent work.

    It is such a relief to listen to someone who has not only opinions, but also knowledge.

    Could you help me understand the economy of Gaza? 2.5 million people living on a small strip of desert could hardly support themselves without being the Singapore of the middle east. Much less so when under constant economic and military pressure, and while spending a great deal on their military.

    So what do they live off? Is it really mostly out of handouts from Qatar, Iran, and the EU?

    And setting aside for a minute the question of a political settlement, would a peaceful and self sustaining Gaza require the emigration of 1 or 2 million Palestinians?

    And on the same front, do Palestinians have today the ability to emigrate from Gaza anywhere if they would like to?

    It would be great to listen to a lecture of yours on the subject, if you have one, or perhaps you can direct me to some other source.

    I am a Hebrew speaker, writing in English because of my keyboard.

    Many thanks in advance,


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