An insight into the core of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The following collection of articles, data, presentations and maps presents a critical account of and alternative solutions to issues on Israel's national agenda: refugees, Jerusalem, settlements, borders, security, the Separation Barrier, the disengagement and convergence, the roadmap, Geneva initiative, PLO and Hamas, the Arab world, the international community etc.

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Trump's New Deal for the Middle East and Netanyau's fingerprints ("Haaretz",6/24/18)
The battle to capture territory in the West Bank ended quickly. The battle to capture Israeli hearts and minds took much longer. ( The washington post, 6/1/17)
Is 2 -State Solution Dead? (2/16/17 The New York Times) 

The facts about buying land in Jerusalem's latest settlement (israel pulse,7/10/14)

The messianic brothers are doing Israel in (Haaretz,7/10/14)

Land for peace with the Palestinians: Essentail or suicidal?(Time of Israel, 8/12/13)

Israelischer Sicherheitsexperte: Ein Friedensabkommen mit den Palästinensern ist möglich
, 1/8/13)

The Israeli negotiator who thinks the two-state solution is still possible
 (By  27/3/2013)

The End of the Two-State Solution Why the window is closing on Middle-East peace (11/3/2013)

Is there any hope left for Israeli-Palestinian conflict? ("Almonitor", 12/2/2013)

"É hora de avanzar polo camiño da paz"
/ Galiza-Israel, 13/7/2012

Interview: Colonel (r) Shaul Arieli
/ the Jerusalem Post, 10/7/2012

Coronel (r) Shaul Arieli “Es tiempo de negociar"/ Noeva Sion Online, 7/7/2012

Paz y seguridad son dos caras de la misma mondea para Israel
/ El Universal, 3/6/2012

Former Israeli diplomats in Washington: 1967 borders are defensible
/ Haaretz, 25/7/2011

Analysis: For Israelis, "defensible" border means more land
/ Reuters, 29.5.2011

Pick security over settlements: New effort to consider issue from new perspective / THE PALM BEACH POST Dec. 9.2010

Simulators try to gauge peace talks / the Jerusalem post, 30/8/2010

Olmert's negotiator: Full Mideast peace impposible / Haaretz, 26/1/2010

Haaretz exclusive: Olmert's plan for peace / Haaretz, 17/12/2009

What I told the president / Haaretz, 27/8/2009

Everything Is Ready, Just Sign / Yedioth Ahronot, 29/7/2009

How to run the Israeli-Palestinians peace process / middle east rountable, 31.1.2008