An insight into the core of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The following collection of articles, data, presentations and maps presents a critical account of and alternative solutions to issues on Israel's national agenda: refugees, Jerusalem, settlements, borders, security, the Separation Barrier, the disengagement and convergence, the roadmap, Geneva initiative, PLO and Hamas, the Arab world, the international community etc.

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The Dangers of Annexing the West Bank (Haaretz- 25/1/17)

A.B. Yehoshua, You're Deluded: The Two-state Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Remains Viable
(Haaretz- 31/12/16)

Of the Three Alternatives Facing Israel (Haaretz- 24/5/16)

The settlement enterprise has not blocked a two-state solution (16/3/15)

the israeli-palestinian diplomatic process over time (10/3/15)
All the key events of the Arab-Israeli conflict (9/3/15)
Europe, don't repeat Kerry's UN resolution failure (Haaretz,21/12/14)

Islamic State before Palestinian State (Friedrich Ebert Stiftung,11/11/14)
The messianic brothers are doing Israel in (Haaretz,7/10/14)
La solution à deux États est encore possible (17.9.14)

Abbas is walking a tightrope (Haaretz, 20.5.14)A security plan for the Jordan Valley (THE JERUSALEM REPORT JANUARY,2014) 

In case of land swap, who will foot the settlers' bill?By Shaul Arieli | Dec. 25, 2013

1967: A starting point to peace
 (Haaretz, 6.12.13)

Jewish and democratic is indeed the way (Haaretz, 1.11.13)

Two-states still feasible on all four key issues (Jewish Online News, 12.9.13)

It must be asked: What if the peace talks fail? (Haaertz, 25.8.13)

Israel cannot live by the sword forever (Haaertz, 3.7.13)

Israelis Set Table to Talk Peace (Al-Monitor, 21.6.13)

Netanyahu’s 'map’ is a non-starter (Haaretz, 3.6.13)

Viewing Israel with one eye closed
(Haaretz, 31/12/2012)

Ben-Gurion already agreed to a Palestinian state
(Haaretz, 6/12/2012)

Abu Mazen wants a state, nt the right of return
(Haaretz, 18/11/2012)

Contrary to the laws of math
(Haaretz, 23/7/2012)

The minuses of unilateral withdrawal from the West Bank
(Haaretz, 19/6/2012)

A coalition with its head in the sand
(Haaretz, 7/6/2011)

1949 in exchange for 1967
(Haaretz, 7/3/2012)

Defencible Borders and Strategic Depth

Israel-Palestinians talks could avert new prolonged protests
(Haaretz, 5/9/2011)

The Territorial Aspect of the Israeli-Palestinian Permanent Status Negotiations
 Ron Pundak and Shaul Arieli (Newsweek and the Washington Post, as quoted by Yedioth Ahronot, 15/7/2001)

The real meaning of defensible borders
(Haaretz, 19/6/2011)

Bibi against reality,

Abbas, step by step, 3/3/2011

Israel Debates No 6
, 8/2/2011

Palestinian critics shouldn't be so hasty to dismis Abbas/ Haaretz, 30/1/2011

 What is Netanyahu hiding about the peace process? / Haaretz 30/12/2010

Israel paying full price of Netanyahu's hollow policy of survival 15/12/2010 Haaretz

Netanyahu is pushing Abbas toward Israel's enemies / Haaretz, 28/11/2010

Again, a nation that dwells alone / Haaretz, 7/11/2010

A condition for peace/ Haaretz, 7/9/2010

Even when they gave, they didn't get/ Haaretz, 16.8.2010

The right's strategy of phases/ Haaretz, 26/7/2010

Geneva Initiative – Non institutional proposals to define Israel's borders - Critical analysis

A struggle to change public opinion/ Haaretz, 3/5/2010

A Jewish minority in Palestine / Haaretz, 28.2.2010

Before the foundtions are laid / Haaretz, 15/12/2009

The Jordenian Predicament / the Mideast Peace, 14/12/2009

The right against the Zionist idea / Haaretz, 2/11/2009

Moving from Conflict Management to Conflict Settlement / SWP, 9/2009

Preparing for the American peace plan / Haaretz, 13/9/2009

That's the way to make Peace / Haaretz, 9/8/2009

Time for American proposal / Haaretz, 27.7.2009 

Did Netanyahu really mean it when he said Palestinian State?/ Haaretz, 16.6.2009

It's all in a final-status arrangement / Haaretz, 8/5/2009

Bridging the gap / Haaretz, 10.4.2009

Israel and Palestine, a brief history of the negotiations / Babylon, 5.4.2009

The Arab Initiative: Don't get bogged down by the Details / Ynet, 20,12,2008

An option that does not really exist / Haaretz, 9/9/2007

Say 'Yes' to Damascus, Ramallah / Ynet, 9.6.2007

Olmert is good for Hamas / Ynet, 10.3.2007

Threatening Syria comes with price / Ynet, 6.9.2006

Middle east future at stake in north / Ynet, 17.7.2006

It is necessery to go outside the box / Ynet, 16.6.2006

A fair exchainge for Israel and Palestine / Haaretz, 16.6.2006

Prospects for resolving the Israeli/palestinian conflict are not yet hopeless / Yedioth Ahronot, 30.1.2006

Palestinian option net dead / Ynet, 30.1.2006

What about Peace? / Ynet, 12.4.2005

The cost of the alternatives / Haaretz, 9.2.2005

The Borders of the Day After / Haaretz

The Oslo Process and the "Reality Shaping" Conception / Ofakim Hadashim, 2004