An insight into the core of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The following collection of articles, data, presentations and maps presents a critical account of and alternative solutions to issues on Israel's national agenda: refugees, Jerusalem, settlements, borders, security, the Separation Barrier, the disengagement and convergence, the roadmap, Geneva initiative, PLO and Hamas, the Arab world, the international community etc.

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President Mahmoud Abbas' Remarks Peace Coalition 19-12-2010

President Abbas- Jewish community in France, 26/9/2010


Remarks by special envoy Mitchell Sep 2 2010

Quartet invitation to restart direct talks Aug 20 2010

Quotes from secretay Hilary Clinton remarks at the american jewish committee annual gala dinner, Apr 29 2010

Joint statement by the quartet, Mar 19 2010

Moratinos, Kouchner, Frattini- averting another Gaza, Jun 23 2010

Statement by the quartet, Jun 21 2010

Full text of Netanyahu's foreign policy speech at Bar Ilan, Jun 14 2009

Full text of Obamas speech in Cairo to the muslim world, Jun 4 2009

Quartet statement , Dec 15 2008

The full text of PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas at the Annapolis summit, 11/2007

The full text of Olmert, Abbas' speeches at the Annapolis summit, 11/2007

Text of president Mahmoud Abbas' speech, 11/2007

Full text of Bush's speech an Annapolis, including joint statement, 11/2007 

Presiden_ Abbas-Board_of_trustees_14-11-2010

PM Haniyeh speech before the PLC 17/3/2007

Statement of the Middle East quartet- Feb 21 2007

Condoleeza Rice, statement with Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli PM Ehud Olmert after their meeting, Feb 19 2007

Israeli, Syrian representatives reach secret understandings, Jan 16 2007

PM Ehud Olmerts' address at the 2007 Herzliya conference, Jan 14 2007

Hamas leader says Israel's existence is a reality, Jan 10 2007

Olmert, Abbas hold two hour meeting, Dec 24 2006

The major excerpts from the speech of president Abbas in Ramallah, 16 Dec 2006

PM Olmert reaches out to Palestinians at Ben- Gurion memorial, 27 Nov 2006

President Bush and PM Ehud Olmert of Israel participate in joint press availabilitym May 23 2006

Quartet statement on Middle East peace, May 9 2006

Abu Mazen to Israel- Let's discuss the end of the conflict, 24 Mar 2006

Speech of President Mahmoud Abbas for the opening session of the 2nd Palestinian legislative council 18/2/2006)

Quartet statement on the situation in the Middle East, Jan 30 2006

Mahmoud Abbas s'exprime apres le retrait de Gaza, 26 Aug 2005

PM Sharon addresses the nation on the day of the implementation of the disengagement plan, Aug 15 2005

President Katsav addresses the nation, Aug 10 2005

Quartet statment, Jun 23 2005

President Bush meets with Palestinian president Abbas, May 26 2005

Conclusions of the London meeting on supporting the PA, Mar 1 2005

Statement by PM Ariel Sharon 8/2/2005

First speech of PNA president Mr, Mahmoud Abbas, Jan 15 2005

Quartet statment, May 4 2004

Madrid joint declaration, UE-ONU-USA russian federation, Apr 10 2002

Quartet statement, Sep 17 2002

President Bush calls for new Palestinian leadership, Jun 24 2002

The Beirut declaration, Mar 28 2002

Israeli- Palestinian joint statement, Jan 27 2001

USA-Israel-Palastine joint declaration Jul 25 2000