An insight into the core of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The following collection of articles, data, presentations and maps presents a critical account of and alternative solutions to issues on Israel's national agenda: refugees, Jerusalem, settlements, borders, security, the Separation Barrier, the disengagement and convergence, the roadmap, Geneva initiative, PLO and Hamas, the Arab world, the international community etc.

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The History of the demographic balance ("Matzavblog", 3/28/17)

Hamas has a reconciliation stratrgy
("Matzavblog", 31/10/17)

A close look at the illusions that Ya'alon is driving  
(Haaretz ,25/10/17)

The Israeli-Palestinian show that always ends the same way( Haaretz, 2.7.14)

Comparing Vistas (Molad, 16.6.13)

The people in Israel who never make threats (Haaretz, 10.2.2013)

The Israeli accupation is clearer from Hollywood
(Haaretz, 23.1.2013)

Why Settlements have not state Solution?
(BICOM, 1/2013)

Becoming a people that shall dwell alone
/ 1/11/2012

The lies about the settlements
/ Haaretz, 3/10/2012

While we where busy with Iran
/ Haaretz, 16/9/2012

Tandis que nous nous occupions de l’Iran... / La Paix Maitenant, 12/9/2012

Modiîn est en Israël... et comment !
/ La Paix Maintenant 15.8.2012

Reality and the rule of law
/ Haaretz, 8.8.2012

Who's atraid of Nakba Day?
/ Haaretz, 14.5.2012

Netanyahu, up to his neck in settlements
/ Haaretz, 23.4.2012

If the extremists get their way / Haaretz, 9/1/12

In the end, Kahane won
 (Haaretz, 25.12.2011) 

We must stop Israel from becomeing a theocracy
/ Haaretz, 6/7/2011

Shaul Arieli | The fixation of power / Haaretz, 27/6/2010

Who'll want to drive on Route 443? / Haaretz, 27/5/2010

Unilateral moves are a recipe for an explosion / Haaretz, 21/3/2010

A new freezing point / Haaretz, 5/1/2010

For its own sake, Israel must keep the Palestinian Authority alive /
Haaretz, 18/11/2009

Turning back time / Haaretz, 18/10/2009

Without any tricks/ Haaretz, 2.7.2009

Historical Political and economuc impact Jewish settlements in the occupied territories/ IEPN, 6/2009

The people of Israel voted Hamas/ Haaretz, 2/3/2009

Operation Cast Lead - Causes, Conduct, Preliminary Results and Significance/ senat 2/2009

Hamas believes it has the upper hand / Bitterlemons 6.6.2008

Disonesty hurts us / Ynet, 1.8.2007

The Gaza Strip and the West Bank / Senat, 7/2007

Fatah isn't enough / Ynet, 22.6.2007

The jewish settlement in Hebron will go the way of Nezarim/ Yedioth Ahronot, 23.4.2007

IDF not innocent / Ynet, 18.1.2007

It was us who 'told you so' / Ynet, 10.10.2006

Unilatral Stupidity / Ynet, 5.6.2006

Moving forward with Hamas? / Ynet, 29.12.2005